Make it Green

It’s MG Real Estate’s ambition to drive innovation. Our company is committed to take the lead in sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship. Creativity, innovation, and sustainability are the key drivers behind our business.

Therefore, MG Real Estate remains steadfast in shaping an improved, healthier, and greener future by:

  • Standardizing green certifications for our buildings (BREEAM, WELL, LEED …)
  • Providing guidance on building use to maximize environmental responsibility, energy-efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Creating workplaces balancing productivity with employee health and wellbeing.
  • Integrating multimodal transportation opportunities into land acquisitions and project development strategies, boosting sustainable mobility solutions for the logistics industry.
  • Building future-proof projects with minimal impact on the environment, like our first fully carbon-neutral building in MG Park De Hulst (Willebroek, BE).

Take a look at our past and current projects to see the effects of these efforts. More information provided further in this document.

We will not stop there. Since the scale of innovation is wide, we aim to develop a methodology addressing social and economic changes and reflect on the results. That is what Make It Green – MG’s vision on sustainability – is all about: combining creation, vision, and analytics.

Our experts are currently drafting a detailed, measurable, and concrete action plan. Our strategy will be communicated once it’s fully achievable and quantifiable, our stakeholders being updated on the progress and time of publication. As our stakeholders know: our word is our bond. 

MG Real Estate | Make it Green