“The location fits us perfectly” – Anne Clerbois, Expansion Manager, H&M

Wow. That’s the word that should capture the great year that has passed. After a long search for the right building, H&M finally opened their 4th and biggest location in Ghent, in the Langemunt. It was quite a challenge, but MG found a way to make it happen.

‘We waited eight years for this’

Is H&M picky? Yes. And justifiably. Because whoever dreams of a 2.800m² top location in the middle of Ghent, sets the bar very high. And its patience even higher. But look, after eight years the paths of H&M and MG Real Estate crossed and a dream building popped up. ‘Finally,’ says Anne Clerbois, Expansion Manager of H&M. ‘We were looking for a property for so long in which we can accommodate all concepts of H&M – and then I’m talking about ladies, gentlemen’s, children’s, Divided and Home. The store has been open for a year now and we are still very happy. The location in the Langemunt fits us perfectly because it’s a corner building and at the beginning of a street. Also, the cooperation with MG went very smoothly, so you won’t hear us complain.’