MG Real Estate welcomes Interdan at GDC Grève

7 februari 2019

Interdan, which has until now been located in Hedehusene, expects the move to reflect positively on business. The extra square meters and ceiling height of 12.20 meters mean that the car importer can store spare parts for Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and Mitsubishi centrally in one place and utilize space optimally.

Speculative developments are a rare sight when it comes to storage facilities in Denmark. And it is particularly rare, when we’re talking about a scale of 100,000 sqm, as is the case with the new Grève Distribution Center (GDC). The first 20,000 sqm are ready for occupancy in February, and the first tenant for the big building has now been officially confirmed. It will be the car importer Interdan, who has signed a contract for 13,500 sqm.

"The move means we can provide faster service to our Opel dealers. Until now, we have had to store spare parts in Germany due to lack of space. The location in Grève is also strategically good in terms of ensuring fast delivery in the Copenhagen area as well as in Sweden and the south,” says Jesper Rasmussen, Chief Process Officer at Interdan.

“This is the third time that European developer MG Real Estate invests in a development project in Denmark, and it won’t be the last time,” says Anton Van Vlerken, Chief Country Officer for the Netherlands and Denmark at MG Real Estate.

“The Danish market fits our overall investment strategy. As real estate developers, we look for parameters such as availability, flexibility and modern facilities when investing. Grève Distribution Center checks all the boxes and more - the environment is also taken into account through LED lighting, district heating, solar cells and water drainage systems, and there is a truck court where even very large trucks can enter,” says Anton Van Vlerken about MG Real Estate’s investment.

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