First column in the ground at Eutraco on MG New Docks


Eutraco continues its growth spurt in terms of logistical storage possibilities and started building a logistics centre at the Kluizendok (Evergem) in port of Ghent. It should already be operational by New Year 2022.

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MG New Docks

The new logistics centre of Eutraco is part of MG New Docks, which makes it the second collaboration between Eutraco and MG Real Estate, after the Willebroek site. According to Eutraco owner and CEO Serge Gregoir Ghent was still a blind spot in the coverage on the Flemish territory, as his company always aims for the geographically easiest solution for the customers. As an added advantage, inland waterways can be used to avoid road congestion.


Eutraco Ghent is being built at a rapid pace by MG Real Estate and construction partner ASK Romein Malle, as the first 25,000 sqm of the site should already be in use by 3 January 2022, for a total of 50,000 sqm within a few years. The entire centre will be energy and CO2 neutral thanks to the use of solar panels. A battery storage system is also being considered so that machines can be charged at night from the solar energy collected during the day.