Unique to this project is certainly the huge solar roof; the target is 50,000 panels over an area of 180,000 m², or the area of 37 football fields. The renewable energy generated will primarily be used to supply the building with electricity and heating. The excess will be supplied to a large consumer elsewhere in Flanders.

Due to the trimodality of the site, MG Big Bear offers an important strategic location for logistics companies. Moreover, the warehouse is equipped with the latest technological gadgets. A 'high bay' system ensures that goods get on and off the racks automatically. In this way, we guarantee that the warehouse is also ready for use in the future.

MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear

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Ferdinand Magellaanstraat

9940 Evergem


  • Warehouse units: ca 15,000-180,000 sqm
  • Ceiling Height: ca 13m70 under the beams
  • Floor Bearing capacity: from 5 tons/sqm
  • Offices: starts from 144 sqm
  • Parking: Truck waiting zone, bicycle and car parking on site, electric charging stations
  • Loading Doors: Ground level doors, weather proofed dock doors
  • Trimodality options
  • Special Needs: We customize to your unique requirements – Temperature storage, dangerous goods, etc.
  • Environmental Certification
  • Solar Panels on the entire roof surface
MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear
MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear
MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear
MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear
MG Real Estate | MG Big Bear
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