MG Park Malmö - Westerman Multimodal Logistics

At MG Park Malmö, the flourishing transport corridor and top location for logistics activities, 18,000 m2 is developed for Westerman Multimodal Logistics.

Westerman Multimodal Logistics has a long experience in multimodal goods transport between Scandinavia and the European continent. With this project they are expanding the possibilities for partners to ship, cross-dock and store their goods in a more sustainable and effective way. 

MG Park Malmö - Westerman Multimodal Logistics

55.631595697801, 13.000858079639

MG Park Malmö - Westerman Multimodal Logistics

Verkögatan 10

211 19 Malmo

About MG Park Malmö

MG Park Malmö is part of Malmö Industrial Park and is the main corridor to Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. A top location for your company. Big players like Dachser, Bring, Postnord, Toyota Logistics Services, DHL and Green Cargo have already seized the opportunity and established themselves in this area.

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