MG Tower

MG Tower - also known as the Artevelde Tower or the KBC Tower - is MG Real Estate's showpiece. 119 metres tall, it catches the eye of anyone approaching Ghent. To this day, it is still the tallest office building in Flanders, and in that strong position KBC, one of Belgium's largest banking and insurance groups, felt right at home.

On the bottom floor is the Ghent Centrum Expo fire station in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. This building replaced the former Post Zuid of the Ghent Fire Brigade in 2014. Post Expo is manned by 6 professional firefighters with a pump ladder and a tanker.  Due to the location of Post Expo, interventions mainly focus on and near the E40, E17 and R4.

Everyone can see that the MG Tower in Ghent is a fine piece of architecture. But the figures prove that this tower is also a masterpiece of construction technology. The 119-metre tower has 27 floors, accommodates no fewer than 1,200 workers, 430 cars and 150 bicycles. It required 140 labourers who worked on the tower for a total of 580 days, carrying out 58,000 crane movements. It consists of 17,430 m³ of concrete and 15,000 tonnes of steel, 3,500 floor elements, 800 concrete columns, 15,120 m² of floors and ceilings and 42 km of ventilation shafts, and owes its striking appearance to 12,000 m² of glass and 10,200 m² of brickwork.

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MG Tower


If you drive on the E40, you can’t miss it: the MG Tower in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. Nestled between the motorway and Ghent city centre, this office complex benefits from excellent accessibility, both by car and public transport. To encourage the latter, we have, by the way, opted for a well-considered number of parking spaces at the site.

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