MG Real Estate breaks ground on fifth development in Sweden


MG Real Estate has commenced construction on a brand-new warehouse of 60,000 square meters in Eskilstuna, Sweden. It marks the fifth development on Swedish territory, along with four projects in Denmark, further expanding MG Real Estate's footprint in the Nordics. The warehouse in Eskilstuna serves as a prime example of logistics real estate in 2023, featuring direct train connections, the BREEAM sustainability label, and connections to key European multimodal cities such as Malmö, Calais, and Milan. The completion of MG Park Eskilstuna is scheduled for the end of 2024.

MG Real Estate | MG Park Eskilstuna


Multimodality is the buzzword in logistics real estate in 2023, and that holds true for MG Park Eskilstuna as well. The 60,000 square meter warehouse aims to connect the Swedish municipality of Eskilstuna with all major logistics hubs in Europe. The park has its own train connection with direct lines to Malmö, Oslo, Calais in France, and Milan in Italy. MG Park Eskilstuna also connects to the important E20 highway in Sweden. With Eskilstuna airport just 17 kilometers away and a direct line to the port of Stockholm, overseas transportation is also feasible. MG Real Estate notes an increasing demand for these comprehensive solutions.

"Being able to use different modes of transportation in a warehouse has become an absolute necessity for organizations striving for an efficient supply chain and an ESG-friendly corporate profile. Companies want to be connected to the entire world from one location, and that can only be achieved if all necessary facilities are available. Our ambition is to further expand this package of transportation modalities." - Anton van Vlerken, CCO Europe at MG Real Estate


Recently, Ignace De Paepe of MG Real Estate, together with Mayor Jimmy Jansson, broke ground to commence the construction works. This sets the entire process of MG Park Eskilstuna into motion. The works are expected to last around eight months. By the end of 2024, the gates of MG Park Eskilstuna are set to open, welcoming the first companies. In total, MG Park Eskilstuna covers an area of 60,000 square meters, with a minimum unit space of 11,000 square meters.

"MG Park Eskilstuna enables companies to connect with the rest of the world in the blink of an eye. The presence of other logistics giants such as Amazon, H&M, and DHL in the area is evidence of that." - Anton van Vlerken, CCO Europe at MG Real Estate

"A warm welcome to Eskilstuna and our growing business community! We are very proud and excited that MG Real Estate sees the strength and potential in Eskilstuna and that we, as a municipality, can become a place and partner in the company's growth and development. That's how we work. Together!" - Jimmy Jansson, Mayor of Eskilstuna

In 2020, MG Real Estate made its entry into Sweden with its first project for Westerman Multimodal Logistics in Malmö. The project in Eskilstuna will be the fifth on Swedish territory. With four projects in Denmark, the total number of projects in Scandinavia reaches nine. The ambition is to further expand the footprint in this growing market in the coming years. Earlier this year, MG Real Estate also crossed the French border for the first time with MG Park Calais.


MG Park Eskilstuna will be a sustainable gem. The building will be BREEAM-certified, a highly regarded label for sustainable buildings with a minimal ecological footprint. Emphasis will be placed on renewable energy through solar panels on the roofs and heat pumps in the building. New plantings will contribute to a green character, and maximum efforts will be made for water buffering.