Malmö LBC officially moves into their unit in MG Park Malmö


MG Park Malmö welcomes a new partner. Malmö LBC will rent a unit of approximately 10.000 sqm. In the warehouse, Malmö LBC will handle warehousing and logistics of a variety of beverage products for the global market.

MG Real Estate | MG Park Malmö

Joint vision

Relations between Malmö LBC and MG Real Estate started about a year ago. Both companies soon found each other in their joint vision on sustainable business with a focus on quality.

“We are proud to welcome our second tenant to MG Park Malmö, Malmö LBC is an impressive Swedish company with a shared focus on entrepreneurship, quality service and long term vision that MG stands by. We are also striving together to form a sustainable logistics facility with BREEAM Very Good certification underway and solar power and district heating taken into account.” – Amanda Lapadat-Nordström MG Real Estate.

Expanding in Sweden

LBC will rent a unit of approximately 10.000 sqm at MG Park Malmö. The unit is part of a multi-tenant building totaling 42.000 sqm. Today, 21.000 sqm are constructed with the remaining 21.000 sqm ready in phases, expected to be completed by Q1 2023. Currently, vacant units are available in sizes 4.500 sqm - 21.000 sqm.

“Our third part logistics (3PL) continue to grow and we are expanding our business geographically in Sweden. The trimodal facilities in Malmö Industrial Park (MIP) with excellent connections by sea, rail and road creates an optimal facility for northern Europe sustainable distribution. We are proud of our co-operation with MG, creating a world class distribution center.” – Anders Jönsson CEO at Malmö LBC

MG Park Malmö is part of Malmö Industrial Park and is the main corridor to Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. A superb location for businesses. The 'New Harbour' and 'Middle Harbour' in Malmö are currently being redeveloped. The infrastructure around MG Park Malmö, in Malmö Industrial Park, will be improved in the near future to further optimise the flow of goods and transport between the various port terminals. New roads and bridges are being built to further streamline handling by ship, truck and rail.


Malmö Lastbilcentral (LBC) is a sustainable and innovative logistic provider that strive against creating increased revenues to their clients by optimizing the delivery experience. The business has a logistics area of ​​approximately 80.000 sqm,and a turnover of approx. 700 million SEK a year. Malmö LBC employs approximately 400 vehicles and 450 employees daily in the south of Sweden (in Scania and the region around).