MG Real Estate builds brand new warehouse for Kellogg's


The past few months there has been a lot of activity on the old Axalta site on Antoon Spinoystraat in Mechelen. MG Real Estate is building a brand new warehouse for Kellogg's there, expanding its operations in Mechelen. The warehouse, to be named MG Park Malinas, will be used for the storage and distribution of Pringles in the Benelux countries and northern France. 

MG Real Estate | MG Park Malinas

MG Real Estate is building the brand new carbon-neutral MG Park Malinas warehouse on the former Axalta site in Mechelen, Belgium. The old industrial buildings have been demolished and the entire site is now being remediated and monitored according to OVAM standards. With the realisation of this project, MG Real Estate is putting an end to historical soil contamination and the underutilisation of the business park. MG Park Malinas will be transformed from a predominantly asphalted property to a green site with a focus on water management. 

Distribution centre for Kellogg’s

Kellogg's will lease the new warehouse from MG Real Estate, thus expanding its operations in Belgium. The new warehouse will mainly be used for the storage and distribution of Pringles produced on the neighbouring site. By housing production and distribution on these sites, this will reduce truck traffic and therefore gas emissions. 

"Thanks to this expansion, we will centralise all our Belgian distribution activities. This is in addition to other actions that are already have been taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain, such as the recent announcement of a new incinerator, and to contribute to the further integration of the plant into the urban environment in which it is located." - Johan Van Batenburg, Plant Director Kellogg's Mechelen. 

Carbon neutral

MG Park Malinas will be completely CO2-neutral by making maximum use of renewable energy thanks to solar panels and heat pumps. The new connection to the cycle highway will provide a good connection to public transport, allowing full use of alternative means of transport. MG Real Estate also provides charging stations for electric cars and bicycles. New planting should provide a green character and efforts will be made to buffer water and ensure permeable soil where possible. 

"A first part of this brand new warehouse will be delivered this summer. The full 65,000 square metres will be ready in the second quarter of 2024. The roof of the new site will be fitted with maximum solar panels. This will be more than adequate to power MG Park Malinas. The intention is therefore to investigate whether we can transfer the vast majority of residual power via a direct line to the neighbouring production site. This would imply that energy consumption could be significantly greened." - Ignace Tytgat, CEO MG Real Estate


The construction of the new warehouse will not only bring an end to historical pollution and an abandoned site, it will also create additional employment in the region. How much workforce will be involved is too early to say. But it will mainly be labour profiles who will be able to start work at MG Park Malinas.  

"The presence of Kellogg's will be embedded in Mechelen in a sustainable way. The rehabilitation of the old Axalta site and the various sustainability interventions were important preconditions for the city. The realisation of the MG Park Malinas will not only create new jobs in the region, but put Mechelen even more on the map as the beating economic heart on the Brussels-Antwerp axis." - Greet Geypen, Deputy Mayor of Town Planning and Economy Mechelen