“We have to be a high-speed developer”


For Ignace Tytgat, CEO of Belgium-based logistics developer MG Real Estate, the benefits of working within a family business are manifold. It’s not just about listening to its employees with all their in-house expertise but the fact that the company guards its family values and actively brings them into management decisions and its vision for the future.

MG Real Estate | Ignace Tytgat


“Leading this company means listening to our employees, analysing the information and making joint decisions based on that,” Ignace says. “As CEO, listening is one of the most important aspects of my role. We’re always trying to find solutions, even in the most difficult of situations.”

One such “difficult situation” Ignace cites is when a month out of delivering a brand new building for a big international company, the call came through that circumstances had changed.

“They decided not to rent it anymore,” he explains. For some, this would have been a major setback, but for Ignace and his team, it was a challenge for which there had to be a solution. “We don’t like to put negative energy into our business model so we hit the phones,” he says.

“We called everybody to say that we have a building ready, it’s the most perfect building, it’s vacant and we can do it now.” The calls worked and three months later, a new tenant had signed a long lease on the building.

“If you can share your positive mindset with the team then everybody will feel the same way and work harder to get the problem solved,” Ignace asserts. It’s this attitude and the fact that MG Real Estate places great emphasis on the wellbeing of employees when developing a project that sets the developer apart.

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