MG New Docks - Eutraco

MG New Docks is an extremely sustainable and unique logistics and semi-industrial gem. In the Ghent part of North Sea Port, this project takes account of the new logistical needs. The port offers excellent multimodal opportunities because the existing infrastructure. The accessibility by road is also particularly good.


MG Real Estate | MG New Docks - Eutraco

51.152168856954, 3.7475694710571

MG New Docks - Eutraco

Ferdinand Magellaanstraat

9940 Ghent

Project status

MG Real Estate builds new XXL warehouse next to Kluizendok - Ghent

The preparatory works for the construction of MG Logistics Kluizendok, a new project of MG Real Estate, started this week. A first warehouse of 25,000 sqm must be ready early next year. Eventually it will be 75,000 sqm in size.  

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Michiel Bontinck
Commercial Manager
MG Real Estate | Michiel Bontinck