MG Park De Hulst - Dachser

MG Real Estate developed a 3-storey office building and a cross-dock for Dachser for the international pallet distribution for its European groupage activities. The set-up means that many trucks can load and unload at the same time, even at peak times. The cross-dock is also equipped with an in-floor conveyor chain with rail system, allowing consignments to be moved from one side of the cross-dock to the other with minimum effort.

Dachser deliberately chose the regional business park MG Park De Hulst because of its strategically favourable location at the junction of the Antwerp-Brussels axis.

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MG Park De Hulst - Dachser

About MG Park De Hulst

MG Park De Hulst is a highly sustainable and unique logistics and semi-industrial gem. Thanks to immediate access to the quay on the Brussels-Scheldt Canal with loading and unloading facilities, this project takes the new logistic needs into account. Cost optimisation for users is also considered, by making both the sprinkler and the buffer infrastructure on the site shared facilities. Thanks to the comprehensive management of energy, waste and water, in combination with the green areas, this carbon neutral park is the most sustainable in Belgium.

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