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The distribution centre, located at MG Park De Hulst on the Brussels-Willebroek canal, was specially built according to Nedcargo's wishes. It meets the most stringent requirements in terms of environment, security and safety. The location of the terminal next to the sea canal makes it a great sustainable logistics location, as supply and transport can take place by inland waterway.

Frank van Steijvoort, Director Nedcargo Belgium. “The move to Willebroek is a fantastic step. It will be a warehouse tailored to our customers that meets the latest safety and environmental requirements. In addition, we have the opportunity to expand considerably and serve new customers. The fact that it is also adjacent to a terminal makes it a dream for any logistics service provider!”

At present, Nedcargo manages a stock of 250 million kilograms of foodstuffs and distributes three billion kilograms annually in the Benelux to the various supermarket chains, wholesalers, specialist shops and the catering industry.

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MG Park De Hulst - Nedcargo

About MG Park De Hulst

MG Park De Hulst is a highly sustainable and unique logistics and semi-industrial gem. Thanks to immediate access to the quay on the Brussels-Scheldt Canal with loading and unloading facilities, this project takes the new logistic needs into account. Cost optimisation for users is also considered, by making both the sprinkler and the buffer infrastructure on the site shared facilities. Thanks to the comprehensive management of energy, waste and water, in combination with the green areas, this carbon neutral park is the most sustainable in Belgium.


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