MG Real Estate crosses French border for the first time


MG Real Estate has embarked on its inaugural venture into the French property market, breaking ground on its first warehouse in Calais, France. Following successful projects in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Denmark, the renowned property developer aims to conquer the logistics property market in France. 'MG Park Calais,' a brand-new warehouse located in the bustling port area, boasts an impressive size of 98,000 square meters, capable of accommodating up to 16 large and medium-sized enterprises. The completion of this ambitious project is scheduled for 2025.

Ignace De Paepe, the president of MG Real Estate, states, "We anticipate further growth in France, expanding from the north towards the south."

MG Real Estate | MG Park Calais

Expanding International Presence

For years, MG Real Estate has focused on constructing properties within its home country and the Nordic region, as well as neighboring countries like the Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, France has remained an untapped market until now, marking a significant milestone for the company, 22 years since its establishment.

"With our inaugural project in France, we take a significant stride towards realizing our international growth ambitions. This site is just the beginning for MG Real Estate, and we have our sights set on further expansion in the southern region. We have already witnessed great enthusiasm from companies looking to occupy our buildings. Over time, we plan to continue growing our presence in France, moving from the north to the south," affirms Ignace De Paepe, president of MG Real Estate.

A Distinguished Neighbor in Amazon

MG Real Estate's southward expansion leads to the development of a new logistics multimodal hub, spanning an impressive 210,000 square meters near the port of Calais. With direct access to the UK, close proximity to the port of Calais, and excellent connectivity to major motorways in northern France, MG Park Calais is poised to become a thriving logistics hotspot for the region. The facility will be capable of accommodating up to 16 companies, each with a minimum purchase space of 6,000 square meters.

"MG Park Calais provides companies with seamless connectivity to the global market. This is further evidenced by the presence of industry giants like Amazon, DFDS, and XPO in this area," highlights Ignace De Paepe, president of MG Real Estate.

An added advantage is the proximity of EuroTunnel, Cargo Beamer and the connection to the VIIA Connect line, enabling container transportation between the mainland and the UK, as well as destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, and the Iberian Peninsula.

A Sustainable Jewel

The Calais warehouse will undergo BREEAM certification, a prestigious recognition for sustainable buildings with minimal ecological impact. It will maximize the use of renewable energy through rooftop solar panels and heat pumps within the facility. Green landscaping will contribute to the overall eco-friendly character, while water buffering systems will be optimally employed.

"I am delighted that this new location is part of the Transmarck-Turquerie logistics hub, which only has a limited number of spots left on its 220-hectare site. This serves as evidence that logistics professionals have recognized the strategic importance of this area for their operations between the UK and the European continent. All the necessary elements are in place to meet their requirements, including excellent motorway access, top-tier rail and maritime infrastructure, and a comprehensive ecosystem. Calais is further solidifying its position as a major European logistics hub. This project represents the culmination of collaborative efforts made with local stakeholders to attract businesses and investors to the region," says Natacha Bouchart, president of Grand Calais Terres & Mers and Calais Promotion.

The commencement of construction symbolizes the long-awaited beginning of this project. By spring 2024, 'MG Park Calais' is set to open its gates, welcoming the first companies to establish their presence within its premises.